We are also producing high quality Sea Salt in our 800 acres salt facility 70 km away from Karachi city, where we are inducing pollution free sea water to yield best quality sea salt. The area is known as Dhabeji. Our sea salt purity is about 96 – 98% in raw form. Al Amin Sea salt facility is the latest industrialized facility of Pakistan and due to managing on modern scientific principles we are producing best quality sea salt in the region.

Quality in reference to sea salt does not allude to the chemical transformation of the product. It stands in reference to the refining of the product, by washing the sea salt with pure water, drying, breaking and sieving the salt grains. Finally at Al Amin Salt, every single grain goes through an optical washing machine that rids the salt from any natural impurities. The intense calibration and de-dusting of the fine fractions ensure optimum flow of the product.