Al Amin was founded in 1974 as a family owned business and one of the producers of more than 450 grades of salt. The company developed a deep specialization towards the process of Salt, serving the main local market for many years

Since its founding, Al Amin has earned the trust of our customers with this simple premise: a better product at a competitive price. With heavy investment in technology at Al Amin state-of-the art facility, no detail goes unexamined. Everything that affects the salt quality or the customer experience is carefully scrutinized and perfected.

With the passage of time, Al Amin begins an internationalization process led by its experienced and multidisciplinary team, with the aim to bring their know-how worldwide. From that point the company has been able to supply Salt to many countries. Our core strategy is to be the partner of choice for customers worldwide

It’s paramount to our business that we can guarantee our customers the highest quality salt available—and we’re constantly raising the bar with proprietary technology and all-natural solutions. Al Amin Salt is the only salt supplier you will need. Guaranteed.

This proud history is a testament to the hard work and the unshakeable determination of our dedicated founder that drives the company ahead and ahead today.


Al Amin Salt Pvt Ltd was established with a team of a handful of employees; and now, it has grown into the largest manufacturer, processor and exporter of multiple grades and categories of Salt Crystal Products of Pakistan.

With the modern technology we are proficient to produce 99.9% pure salt. We are not only producing pure salt but also have a control to reduce impurities up to ppb level. Al Amin Salt (Pvt.) Ltd is truly passionate about salt. From the purity of the water sources and harvesting practices to packaging and delivery, we work untiringly to innovate procedures and pioneer technologies to improve the salt while preserving the artisanal craftsmanship and unique characteristics of each grain.

We produce a full range of ingredient salt ideal for any application, expertly crafted To meet our large volume processing and production of salt.

Currently, we have a work force of 200 professional employees, specialized in Mineral Salt Production. Our company, Currently own multiple units based in Karachi and others in Tharparker (Sindh).


Our mission is to provide our customers the optimum quality salt products with higher level of services to attain the maximum level of customer satisfaction.


Our vision is to become the leader in salt industry with state-of-the-art technology and innovative and creative product portfolio.