In Pakistan, Lake Salt is attainable in exceptional quality and sufficient quantities. It is challenging for manufacturers to extract the salt from the lakes due to the difficult routes to the lakes but now with the advancements and development of the infrastructure in Pakistan, the extraction has become easier.

We are having the capacity of more than 10,000 acres of solar salt. This facility is consist of 10,000 acres salt lakes which is situated in the Tharparker Sindh, where we are harvesting best quality salt from 25 different salt lakes. Our salt harvesting capacity is about 5000 tons per day. Al Amin Salt has also established control salt crystallization facility in one of our lake. This state of the art facility is producing very high purity salt, which is directly suitable for food as well as for industrial
applications. All salt lakes are well connecting with carpeted road, especially design to handle the cargo of bulk vessels.