The purity content of our salt makes it absolutely appropriate for the electrolytic production of chlorine, caustic lye and sodium chlorate, and minimizes the contaminants introduced into the process. Salt is the basic raw material for manufacturing of Caustic Soda, Sodium carbonate and sodium bi carbonate. The Chlor alkali industries are also producing Hydrogen Chloride, Sulphuric acid and especially chlorine which is further use for polymers production like, Poly Vinyl Chloride and Vinyl chloride mono. At Al –Amin Salt Refinery we are producing this grade according to customer specification we not only meet our valuable customer specification but exceed it. Our salt expert team aware the quality requirement of chlor alkali and also has command on brine purification so our customers are enjoying this expertise too.


We are producing salt for drilling mud. Its especial bulk density and particle size always helps to pour in drilled well and high density help the crude oil to come out on the surface. We also control the moisture level of our product that may effect on the quality as well as processing of crude oil.


Oil refineries are also using our explicit salt that we produce by considering all required specification including bulk density, surface of the product, particle size and particle size distribution, level of surface moisture and moisture trap inside the crystals. The product is also very pure and contains maximum purity of NaCl and free from Iron impurities too. We are aware of particles size importance as fine particles may escaped and cause corrosion in the system that may damage the processing unit.


The PDV industrial salt is extremely pure and has a sodium chloride content of typically 99.9%. This high level of purity is achieved through an extensive crystallization process and the use of particularly pure and pristine brine. Our sophisticated crystallization process is the base for an extremely pure and white quality product, satisfying the high requirements of the industry.

PDV salt is frequently used as food-grade salt, for industrial applications and for pharmaceutical purposes. A fine white free flowing salt 99.9% made to a high specification. It is also used during water treatment, dye and soap manufacturing. It has a high chemical purity greater than 99.9% due to low sulphate, bromide and moisture
levels. PDV is Halaal certified for food use also. Al Amin Salt is one of the largest supplier / exporter of PDV salt from Pakistan due to its highest purity and vast application in different Chemical, Food, Textile and Pharmaceutical industries.


This relies heavily on industrial salt suppliers for the steady supply of salt to produce a variety of products like liquid sodium, metallic sodium, chlorine, caustic soda, sodium sulphate, sodium carbonate, hydrochloric acid, sodium bicarbonate and sodium nitrate.


Al Amin salt is the market leader especially in textile dyeing grades. All available grades of textile dyeing are available with us. We are mentioning a few specifications as following. Salt hardness 200 ppm (50g/L), 180 (50g/L), 140 (50g/L), 100(50g/L) and it goes to premium quality Zero Hardness Salt. Salt plays an important role there, since it acts as the ionic force that transfers the dye onto the fabric.


Detergent manufacturer are enjoying our salt as viscosity increasing agent, the brilliant white color and the excellent (PSD) are make our detergent grade products suitable for this application. Many grades are available, specified by our customers. We are producing what exactly our customer need.


Al Amin salt is also produce tooth paste grade to protect your teeth. There are many grade are available to control germs in the mouth and its cavities. Salt plays a vital role by acting as germicide. We also supply fluoridate salt to tooth paste manufacturer.


 Salt is some time used as base media of dyes and some time as mixing agent to dilute the concentration of dyes that helps to prepare typical colors combination. We also supply our PVD salt for very sensitive dyeing application especially for royal blue color. During the process of dyeing, the salt is used in the exhaustion of the dye into the fabric. Poor quality salt gives an uneven color exhaustion which looks bad on the fabric and sometime even stuff in dye bath break and form lumpy solution.


The animal casing grade of salt is used mainly to preserve the animal casing. These casings later are used for the manufacturing of leather and it products. There are about 6 different grades of salt supplied to the customers and specification is varied with their requirements. Our grade is applied as a preservative animal casing, throughout the world. In Pakistan, animal casing industries use this salt, along with other techniques, to safeguard animal casings.


Al Amin Salt is local market leader in this grade. The customers know worth of their product so always prefer flossy salt. Flossy salt is the combination of sodium chloride with of Boric Acid and Sodium Fluoride. Particle size distribution and the surface structure of individual particle play a vital role in product quality development. Sharp edges of product and irregular particle size may effect in final processing.


Al Amin salt is also producing salt tablet for special water softener recharge. These tablets are available in commercial, food and pharmaceutical grade salt. Al Amin Salt produces 4 different grades for water softening. Salt is used to charge cation exchange resin by its sodium part. As aware of product application we always remain our insoluble and calcium sulphate part of our product to enhance the cation exchange resin life.


Industrial salt is majorly used in the removal of ice and snow from roads to make way for a safer surface to drive on. Before the weather turns unfavorable, the ice is spread on roads to create a layer of brine that does not allow the formation of ice.


Sodium is an important building block for both humans and animals. This is why farmers and animal feed companies always add sodium to their animal feed. Salt for animal feed mixing salt adds flavour to the food, and as a result the animals will eat more and grow faster. Sodium also causes animals to retain more fluid and increase in weight.